Agent Spotlight: Q&A with Tim DeBellis

Agent Spotlight with Tim DeBellis


It is our pleasure to introduce to you Tim DeBellis, one of our incredible new homes agents! Tim has a deeply rooted love for Sonoma County, firmly believing there is no place else like it in the world. It is this love for his surroundings combined with his unending passion for the entire new home process, that creates the unstoppable force that is Tim DeBellis! Whether explaining the ins and outs of the building process, or cheerfully hosting weekend open houses, he has become an integral part of our W Marketing team! Keep reading to learn more about Tim!

What is your favorite part about being a new homes agent?

That new home smell! Seriously though, I love the whole construction process, watching the home go from a one dimensional drawing to a beautiful structure that ultimately becomes the representation of someone’s dream. As an engineer, I also appreciate seeing the design and complexity of a home’s systems and how those systems bring a home to life.

What made you choose a career in real estate?

I love architecture and beautiful homes and wanted to be in a space where I could be directly connected to and surround by these things on a daily basis. Not just in a virtual sense by scrolling through photos on line but in a real and tangible way. I wanted to experience these homes and to share that experience with others, notably clients.

What was the first thing on your to-do list today?

The first thing on my to-do list everyday is to take a few minutes to reflect on what I’m grateful for. It sets the tone for the entire day.

If you could only give your clients one piece of advice when searching for a home, what would it be?

Have a clear set of search criteria and be realistic and flexible with your expectations. It’s fun to envision that “perfect” home. We all do it. That vision is certainly a great starting point, but the reality is that few homes, if any, will ever check all the boxes. And for buyers, especially in a competitive market like today, it’s equally important, if not more so, to understand what you’re willing to forgo in order to achieve the goal.

What are your must-have items for an open house at one of the projects you are selling?

Wi-Fi! I can pretty much manage everything else from there.

I never leave the house without ______ ?

My braided wristband. For all of my professional life I existed in more of a conservative, corporate environment. My wristband, which my hiking buddy made for me, simply represents that side of my personality that I’m more free to express now. Plus, I just like the way it looks.

What’s your favorite style of home and why? (Craftsman vs. Farmhouse, etc.)

I tend to find appealing elements with most home styles, however my favorite is modern. Modern design is often associated with being cold and sterile. However, there are incredible examples of modern design, right here in our own backyard, that so beautifully and intentionally integrate form with function, clean lines with natural elements, achieving warmth and harmony with the their surroundings.

What interior design trend do you hope to see catch on in 2022?

I would love to see the trend of outdoor living spaces expand even beyond what it is today. Regardless of the size of an outdoor space, there are creative ways to extend the livability of a property beyond the four walls of the structure in order to enhance the total living experience. With construction costs continuing to rise, I believe breaking down the barriers, both mentally and literally, between interior and exterior spaces will become even more essential as we think about a more holistic living approach going forward.

What’s one thing you’re most excited about this year?

Traveling back to New York to visit my family.

If you could buy a house anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Exactly where I am. Certainly there are places in the world I would like to see and experience but in all of my travels I’ve not found any one place that offers anything more what we have right here in Sonoma County.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Believe that right now you are the person you see yourself becoming.

Interested in working with Tim DeBellis? Find a time to chat with him about his current properties, upcoming communities, and more!

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