Mastering The Art Of Charcuterie: Elevate Your Hosting Game On National Wine + Cheese Day

A colorful charcuterie board with cheese, biscuits, berries, and wine


The 25th of July marks National Cheese and Wine Day – a perfect excuse for wine and cheese connoisseurs worldwide to pay homage to this heavenly pairing. For many, it’s an incredible opportunity for friends and families alike to come together over something special. You can create a sensational charcuterie board with various tastes and textures while balancing the two stars – wine & cheese. This guide will help you design an eye-catching design using complementary flavors from different items; perfect for satisfying even the most exquisite taste buds. So, let’s dive in!

Pick the Perfect Board 

The board, tray, or platter you choose will be the base of your charcuterie, so ensure it is perfect for the occasion. Wood is a popular choice since it is beautiful and sturdy, and it does not distort the appearance of the food. Also, the shape and size are purely a matter of preference; a rectangular board, for example, will accommodate long cheese wedges and meat rolls compared to a round one. 

Have a Wide Variety of Cheese 

It would not be National Cheese and Wine Day without an assortment of cheese on the board. You can add any cheese that pairs well with wine; cheddar, goat cheese, and blue cheese are great examples. You can also have various flavors on the board. Cut them in various sizes and shapes, and arrange them evenly around the board, allowing adequate space for slicing and scooping. 

Add Meats 

Meat is a must-have on ant charcuteries board unless you are vegan. The best meat for a charcuterie board is cured meat since it goes perfectly with wine and cheese. There are many cured meats to choose from, and you can include a few or all depending on your budget and the variety you want. Some groups you should pick your cured meat from include salami, cured pork, bresaola, and cooked Italian sausage. When arranging them around the board, the key is to ensure you play with the proportions that people are more likely to enjoy more than others. Fold or crinkle them to utilize the space on the board effectively.  

Add Crackers and Bread 

Even with all the cheese and meat, your guests will still need some carbs; this is where bread and crackers come in. Bread and crackers also help the board appear full and abundant. Also, ensure you pick mild crackers that will go well with the cheese and wine. Place them around the edges of the board or on the side. You can also add some jam or cheese spread on the side to pair with the crackers and bread. 

Fill the Spaces With Dried Fruits and Jam 

The best way to add texture to the charcuterie board is by filling the spaces with nuts and dried fruits like pineapple, apricot, and mango. Place the dried fruits near the cheese to make for a perfect addition. They will provide a delightful contrast and bring out the best in your charcuterie. 

Don’t Forget the Wine 

It won’t be a worthy National Cheese and Wine Day party without a wide selection of wine. Enhance your charcuterie board with red, white, and rosé wine options to cater to everyone present. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Blanc complement the vast array of cheese, bread, crackers, and fruits. When confirming attendance, you can ask people to recommend the wine they’d love to have with the charcuterie. That way, your guests will have a wine that caters to their tastes. 

Educate Your Guests 

It’s National Cheese and Wine Day, and there is no better time to stand up, clink your wine glass with a fork and provide your guests with a few interesting facts about the components on the board as they indulge. Most people love learning about the history of the food they eat and how you prepared it. You can advise your guests on the perfect pairing and encourage them to explore.

Get Creative! 

The outcome of your charcuterie board will depend on your tastes and preferences, so shop around and get creative. You can get suggestions from your friends and family or decide to play around with the food. Most importantly, ensure the wine and cheese is plentiful for a delightful and remarkable experience.

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