What to Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

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Hiring a real estate agent is one of the most important choices you will make whether buying or selling a home. Your real estate agent acts as both your guide and representative in the process. For buyers, their job is to help you find your dream home and get a good price. For sellers, the real estate agent will help prepare your home to achieve its greatest market value and close with a trustworthy buyer. They are also your partner in braving either side of the housing market.

So, before you hire one real estate agent to help you through this journey, it’s important to ask a few questions. Knowing the right questions to ask is key, so we’re here to share a quick guide to help you conduct an informative interview when looking for the right agent.

1) How Long Have You Been a Real Estate Agent?

Like any industry, real estate agents come with many levels of experience. Some have been in the business for decades, some just got their license. And you can’t tell just by looking. It’s always worthwhile to ask each real estate agent how long they’ve been professionally guiding purchases between buyers and sellers.

2) How Familiar Are You With Our Target Neighborhood and Price Range?

Real estate agents should be experts in their locale. They should know the neighborhoods and districts from the architecture to the local attitudes. Some real estate agents are locals who grew up in the area, some are transplants who have lived there for decades, and some are new but bring a lot of experience from working in previous regions. Knowing an agent’s familiarity with the region can be helpful.

You should also ask your agent if they are familiar with your price range, particularly if your target home value is particularly high or low.

3) Are You Who I Will Be Working With?

Some agents will connect clients with their team instead of working with them directly. So always ask, when interviewing an agent, whether they will be your partner or if you will be working with others. An agent with a team can also be beneficial. However, you should always know whether the named agent’s expertise will directly benefit you and if they are your primary point of contact.

If they won’t be, ask to interview the person you will actually be working with.

4) What Is Your Availability and Communication Style?

Some real estate agents are available at all times, some are too busy to get in touch with. It’s always worth asking. You can also inquire about communication style, whether your agent prefers texting, emails, phone calls, video chats, or meeting in person. This will tell you if your styles align.

5) How Long Do You Typically Work With Buyers/Sellers?

Most agents work with both buyers and sellers, but some specialize. Be sure to ask early whether the agent typically works with clients with your specific set of needs on either side of the housing market.

6) What Is Your Preferred Strategy for Buyers or Sellers?

Every real estate agent has a unique approach to helping either buyers or sellers. They may prefer that sellers stage the house or have a strategy to help buyers make compelling offers. Get to know your agent’s approach to the market and client priorities by asking about their initial strategy. Be prepared to answer a few questions for agents who want to tailor their answers to your needs.

7) How Well Do You Understand My Goals?

Finally, make sure that your real estate agent fully understands what you are personally looking for in your housing market experience. Make sure they can repeat, in their own words, what your preferences, requirements, and limitations are. This will show whether your agent is a good listener and if they understand you well enough to provide the best services for your home buying or selling goals.

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