Home Design: Six Inviting Tips for Your Outdoor Living Space

Comfortable sofa on a patio outside on a sunny afternoon, ideal home design for an outdoor living space


Every year as the chill of winter fades, your outdoor garden or lawn comes to life. The trees bud new leaves and blossom. Your flower beds are ready for new blooms, and your grass grows back into its lush summer carpet. But the best thing about the return of warm weather is the ability to comfortably spend time outdoors. This is the ideal opportunity to perfect your home design for an outdoor living space. You can make your backyard, patio, or deck even more inviting this year than ever before.

Let’s explore the six great trends for home design and outdoor living space for a beautiful presentation and a peaceful time spent in the fresh spring and summer air. 

6 OUTDOOR home design tips:

1) Put Up an Awning

As the days warm up, you’ll soon want to be able to sunbathe or lounge in the shade based on the weather and your mood. one of the best ways to make an inviting outdoor living space is to add a cool awning to your outdoor home design.

An awning provides extra shade to your outdoor living area without the need to build onto your roof. There are also many styles of awning, from a shady vine-covered pergola to breezy curtains of the outdoor canvas. You can even install a retractable awning so you can choose sun or shade based on the day.

2) Clean and Arrange Your Patio Furniture

Once spring has sprung, it’s time to pull out the patio or yard furniture and spruce up your outdoor gathering space. Polish your patio table and sweep the cobwebs away from the legs of your furniture. Use a damp cloth and the right cleaner for each material to polish your yard furniture to a warm glow. Then arrange the tables and other features into a warm and welcoming circle for conversation or set up lounging locations that catch the best morning or afternoon sun.

You can also liven up your patio or deck with a few accessories. Purchasing a new outdoor ruck or weather-resistant throw pillows can make your furniture more welcoming, while a fire pit can quickly become the focal point of summer nights.

3) Create an Outdoor Office Space

Having a home office for occasional or full-time remote work has become the norm, but why not have a secondary office outside for nice days? Think about what might make the perfect outdoor office space for you or your partner when the weather is right. You can set up a desk and an outdoor-durable ergonomic chair where you can see the most beautiful angles of your backyard. Give yourself a little shade, access to an outdoor outlet, and extend your wifi signal, and you’re ready for uplifting work days in the sun.

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4) Fairy Lights and Path Lights

Want to make your outdoor living space magical in the evening? A few smaller lights can work wonders. Fairy lights – strings of sparkling lights above – are a beautiful and timeless trend that pairs perfectly when twined across the underside of your awning or between your roof and the posts of your deck railing. You can also make your yard design feel like an enchanting place by lining your garden paths with little solar lanterns that soak up charge in the day and glow along the garden path at night.

5) Craft an Outdoor Kitchen or Dining Area

Outdoor kitchens are a huge home design trend for people who love to spend time outdoors or who enjoy hosting house parties with friends and family. You don’t need a full renovation, just a table or two, an arrangement of patio chairs, and the perfect place to put your grill. But don’t be afraid to go all out. You can DIY some excellent prep space, plumb in a sink, or even use your kitchen window as a passthrough if the inspiration strikes.

If you plan to do any major renovating to create a more welcoming outdoor space, be sure to budget time for each project to be completed.

6) Do Something Artistic With Your Flower Beds

Lastly, consider something new and creative to do with your flower beds. Xeriscaping for drought-resistant plants gives you the opportunity to try all sorts of new things. You can replace water-hungry plants with a sculpture garden, grow a beautiful garden of herbs and vegetables, or invest in the long-term beauty of sturdy flowering shrub bushes this year.

Prepare Your Backyard to Be an Oasis

Your backyard, patio, or garden can become a beautiful outdoor space with welcoming seating and a peaceful ambiance with just a few touches.  Spruce up your space and make the improvements you like best so that you will enjoy your outdoor space throughout the warm weather season. Next on the list to tackle: Curb Appeal.

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