Home Maintenance Checklist: How to Organize & Budget for New Year’s Renovations

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As the New Year approaches, many people start thinking about getting a fresh start and making improvements and renovations to their home. Whether you want to update your kitchen, replace the roof, or upgrade your backyard entertainment game, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure that your home maintenance projects go smoothly while also ensuring you don’t go over your budget. 

In order to get organized and ensure that you stay on budget, it is recommended that homeowners create a home maintenance checklist. Here are some steps you can take to get prepared:

Make a list of the projects you want to tackle

Start by making a comprehensive list of all the home maintenance tasks you want to complete in the coming year. This could and should include anything from simple repairs to large-scale renovation projects. 

Prioritize your projects

Not all home maintenance tasks are created equal. Some may be more urgent than others and deserve your attention first! Is your roof severely leaking buckets of water every time it rains? That may be more important to take care of first rather than replacing bathroom tile or window treatments. 

Estimate costs

Once you have your project list, it’s time to start estimating your costs. This can be done with a little research online into general project costs, or you can go a step further and get an actual quote from local companies and contractors. This step is vital, as it will help you to create a budget and plan for how to allocate your money. 

Create a timeline

Determine when you want to complete each project, and create a timeline that works for you, your budget, and the scope of the projects. Do you want to install a pool by the start of summer? Knowing ahead of time that a project like that will take a large budget and at least a few months to complete will help you better manage expectations. It’s also important to consider weather, your personal availability, and any additional deadlines you may have.

Set a budget

Based on your research, estimates, and your project timeline, it is now time to set a budget. It is also important to include a little bit of a cushion to account for unexpected expenses. 

Find contractors

You’ve made your priorities clear, you’ve crafted a timeline, and you set your budget. Now it’s time to execute! Finding a contractor with a proven track record of successful work who can execute on the style and designs you are looking for is key to successful renovations. It’s also important to ensure that you are able to have a consistent and open dialogue with your contractor. This person is crafting your dream home after all! Don’t be afraid to shop around.

By following these steps, you can create a home maintenance checklist that will help you stay organized and on budget as you tackle your New Year’s renovations. Whether you’re an experienced DIY expert or a first-time renovator, a well-planned home maintenance checklist and a rock solid budget will help ensure your project success. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see your New Year’s renovations.

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