Getting Your House Ready for Perfect Summer Hosting

Group of friends enjoying fresh fruit and other summertime snacks outdoors on decorated table.


Summertime is the perfect time for guests and outdoor celebrations. Whether you like to host summer barbecues, host a friend for the weekend, or often welcome family visitors for a few weeks every summer, now is the time to prepare your space. In the summer, hosting is all about food and fun outdoors. We’re here with all the best tips on how to prepare your home for summer hosting.

Deep Clean Your Deck

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a sun-warmed patio or deck in the summertime. So prepare your space to welcome bare feet, shared meals, and shady naps. Also, sweep and clean your patio pavers, scrub the deck boards, and dust off the outdoor furniture. Arrange seats in welcoming conversation circles and make your outdoor space feel deliciously inviting for summertime relaxation.

Prepare Your Dishware

Make sure your dish cupboard is ready for summer hosting, too. Then, take inventory of all your serving dishes and guest plates ready to go. Plastic, melamine, or bamboo plates make the best party dishware, being unbreakable but also higher quality than disposable plates. Large plastic or metal serving dishes will do the trick, including platters for meats and bowls for sides. You’ll want a few pitchers for lemonade and don’t forget the plastic cocktail glasses to make the nights more fun.

Clear the Lawn for Bare Footed Fun

Prepare your grassy lawn for a little summertime frolicking. Rake away any old leaves, clear away sharp sticks, and weed if necessary. Place sprinklers for children and pets to play in. Also, prepare any outdoor games that might be hiding in your shed. You might find that freezes, splash bombs, ring toss, and other classic outdoor games are surprisingly popular even among adults during this carefree time.

Create a Little Shade

Give your guest a cool, shady place to sit and relax. You might also put up an awning over your patio or place a few chairs in the shade of your oldest tree. Hang hammocks in a sun-dappled corner for the perfect piece of the summertime afternoon napping. You may also want to prepare your living room as a go-to place for guests to cool off when the heat of the summer sun becomes too intense for all-day lounging outdoors.

Prepare Overnight Guest Spaces

Often, summer hosting and outdoor barbecuing will turn into a weekend, or even a week, or welcome summer guests. You may also want to prepare your guest room for friends or family to stay over after a night of burgers and beers – or kebabs and cocktails. Make up the guest bed, clear out space in the closet, and set out a few amenities in the guest bathroom to make any summertime overnight guest feel welcome.

Clean and Test-Run the Grill

Make sure your grill is ready to go. You can’t have a summertime celebration without a little barbecuing. Often, guests will happily bring a few morsels and buns to keep the party going. But first, you’ll want to scrub any remaining char off the grate and give your grill a test run to make sure everything is ready to perfectly sear a few burgers, steaks, and kebabs this summer.

Clever Ways to Keep Bugs Away

There’s no need to worry about mosquitoes invading your summer fun if you know a few clever tricks that can be both beautiful and effective at keeping bugs at bay. Decorate with fresh-cut lemons as part of the centerpiece and decorate with strategically placed glass jars with a few pennies at the bottom. Your guests won’t even realize why your party is subtly more enjoyable than other summer events.

String Up Smart Fairy Lights

To make your outdoor space feel magical, especially for evening events, string up fairy lights. Strings of lights have always had an enchanting effect in summer gatherings, simulating the glow of fireflies above. However, there’s a new upgrade you can try out. Smart strings of lights include color-changing LEDs that you can control with a phone app or voice commands for a truly magical decoration style with the ability to set the mood and theme for any party.

Summer hosting can be a joyful experience for everyone involved. When your home is prepared for guests, you can enjoy a warm and welcoming gathering any time during the summer, whether it’s impromptu get-togethers with neighbors or annual family visits.

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