5 Self-Care Tips for May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

A woman in a hoodie, shorts and running shoes sits on the grass, depicting mental health self-care.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Not only is it a time of springtime and fresh energy, but it’s also the right moment to look inward and make sure you are getting what you personally need to thrive. It’s not just getting enough sleep or eating right. It’s about taking time to relax, speaking kindly inside your own mind, and doing things that make you feel good.

In honor of this important month and the importance of taking care of oneself, we would like to spotlight a few things you can do in your backyard to embrace your mental health all year long.

1) Start Taking Walks and Hike in Beautiful Places

Moving your body is an expression of physical and mental empowerment. Just walking in the fresh air under green trees has proven to improve your mental health. As humans, we connect to our roots this way while also encouraging Our bodies to grant us energy and balance. While walking your neighborhood is a great start, there are also many beautiful places to hike around Sonoma County, so you can enjoy a new view with every relaxing walk or a joyfully challenging expedition. The Panorama Trail, for example, is a lovely walk of rolling hills and many side trails to explore.

2) Try Meditation, Yoga, or Tai Chi

Many people who work ignore the stress that builds up as a result. You can release your stress and benefit your mental health with relaxing hobbies like meditation. Of course, not everybody meditates the same way. If you want to harmonize your physical movements with mental relaxation, try yoga. If you’d rather move your body in a constant yet careful flow, tai chi is a wonderful way to clear your mind while honing your muscles. Moving your body, even a little, can boost endorphins and help you maintain a positive mood.

3) Pursue New Skills that Make You Happy

Learning a new skill can often help you break out of old habits and embrace your potential to be joyful and flexible. Painting, cooking, or building birdhouses by hand are all great examples of uplifting crafts.

You might discover new favorite recipes or activities, make new friends, or unlock hidden potential that makes you proud of yourself in new and exciting ways. You can practice cooking at home, take up crafts, or join a class and gain a social group at the same time. Napa Valley has some wonderful recreational learning opportunities throughout our beautiful countryside.

4) Treat Your Mind and Body to a Spa Day

Sometimes, what your mental health needs most is some special self-care. Break up the monotony and get out of the house for a few hours of luxury by taking yourself to the spa to be pampered and refreshed. No matter what combination of treatments you choose, the ability to sit back and let your body perfectly relax with nothing to worry about for the day can be the stress relief you have needed all year without even realizing it.

5) Reward Yourself for Hard Work

Of course, mental health isn’t just a one-time thing. As you embrace the rest of the year, remember to reward yourself for a well-done job. When you put in hours at work, give time to your family, or keep your household in beautiful order, remember to take time for yourself as well. Even just a half-hour relaxing with a mug of tea on your back porch in the evenings or a night out at a new tasty restaurant can reinforce that hard work by tending to you and your mental health each and every week.

Embracing a Month of Mental Health

May is Mental Health Month and the perfect time to give yourself a little extra attention. Discover and rediscover things you enjoy, explore the beautiful landscapes around your community, and remember to treat yourself to a luxurious experience occasionally.

Celebrate May’s Mental Health Awareness Month with us. Do something special for yourself and make sure the people special to you are doing the same. Enjoy your time alone and together in good health and mental wellness this month.

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