Separating Fact from Fiction: Benefits of Buying New Homes Vs. Resale Homes

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When the time comes to buy a home, there are some important choices every homebuyer has to make. Chief among them is whether to build new homes from the ground up, buy a resale home where you may make design changes, buy new homes that are already built, or buy an older home that you can upgrade. 

There are many advantages to buying new homes versus a resale home. Let’s explore just a few of these benefits:

Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

1. Modern Architectural Design and Layout Options

With the design trends for homes constantly evolving, buying a new construction home gives you more creative control over the design than buying a resale home. When you buy in a new home community early in the construction process, you’ll even get to pick the layout and the floor plan. When construction is complete, you’ll walk into your brand-new home knowing you designed every detail. 

2. You Get the Opportunity to Personalize Your Home

If you buy in a new home community early enough, you get to personalize it to reflect your style. Depending on what stage of the construction process you buy in, you may be able to select interior items such as lighting fixtures, paint color, and faucets. If you want a home that will truly be your style right from the start, buying a new construction home will give you that flexibility.

3. Everything Is New

You won’t have to worry about renovating a new construction home like you would with a resale home. Being the first to live in the home, you won’t have to deal with anything previous owners left behind. Since everything in a new construction home is modern and reflective of the most recent trends, your home’s curb appeal is enhanced.

4. Less Maintenance

In most cases, resale homes are made of older materials that require some repair and maintenance. On the other hand, new construction homes adhere to the most current building rules and are designed to require low maintenance. As a result, buying a new construction home lowers your out-of-pocket costs and allows you to live worry-free for years.

5. You Get to Buy a Smart Home

Another benefit of buying new construction homes is that they are more likely to be smart homes. Most new construction homes are constructed using healthy, environmentally friendly materials, making them more energy-efficient. Because most resale homes were not built with smart technologies in mind, they are less energy efficient.

6. You Get a Warranty to Protect Your Investment

One of the enormous financial benefits of buying a new build is that it comes with a warranty. In most cases, the systems and appliances in a new construction home come with warranties. The same cannot be said of resale homes.

7. A Community That’s Just Right for You

Resale homes may not offer the advantages of modern society’s lifestyle. Buying in a new home community allows you to move into a new neighborhood with superior amenities that better fit your needs.

8. Less Buyer Competition Since the Supply of New Homes Equals Demand.

In a changing market, the supply of resale homes can’t always keep up with demand. When buying a new construction home, you won’t have to worry about low inventory as you would with a resale home. In new home communities, supply usually meets demand.

9. Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, buying a new construction home offers more promise than buying a resale home. You won’t have to worry about needing to make major renovations if you buy a new construction home instead of a resale home.

All Said and Done

After all is said and done, purchasing a newly constructed home can have more advantages. If you’re thinking about buying a house, a new construction home would be a fantastic choice. The numerous advantages of purchasing a new home will continue to pay off long after signing the contract.

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