7 Eye-Catching Tips for Springtime Curb Appeal

two story house lit up during twilight


Springtime is an important time for curb appeal. The season for holiday lights is behind us, and each day is brighter and warmer than the last. Proud homeowners can show off their beautiful front walks, while those planning to sell a home can capture the eye and imagination of buyers who are just starting the year’s house hunting. There are many wonderful ways to improve your springtime curb appeal, and most are easier than you think.

Let’s dive into seven of our favorite eye-catching tips for improving your curb appeal this spring.

1) Power Wash the Exterior and Pavement

Rent a power washer or hire a skilled team to clean the exterior of your home. Power washing old siding is a great way to blast away years of almost -invisible dust to make your home glow with a like-new appearance gain. Power washing the driveway will reveal the concrete’s original shine, and washing the front walk and porch will make it feel clean, fresh, and welcoming.

2) Cut Clean, Sharp Edges

Speaking of clean and fresh, grab your edger because this is one of the most important tools for springtime curb appeal. Creating clean-cut edging around your flower beds, walkways, and pavement lines can make your entire space look more manicured and impressive. Every bursting flower bed looks more intentional when the grass is clipped, and straggling weeds are nowhere to be seen.

3) Bright Flower Beds or Planters

Every home garden calls for a different flower bed style. You may xeriscape with rocks and succulents to reduce your water use, or your region may be bursting with nourishing rain so that your flower beds can burst with blossoms. 

Don’t be shy about planting new regionally-compatible flowers and shrubs in order to give your property some extra vibrance. If you don’t have flower beds, use planters instead. Movable planters mean that you can rearrange your curb appeal for effect every week – if you choose – or build yourself an easy-to-reach garden with just a few elegant boxes of soil.

display of spring flowers and gardening tools

4) Create a Front Lounge

A front lounge seating area is a wonderful way to make your home feel more welcoming. Place an outdoor loveseat, a porch swing, or comfy wicker chairs on the front porch to invite family to sit and relax or to indicate to buyers that they could have many wonderful evenings on that very porch swing.

If you don’t have a big front porch, create your lounge in the front yard with a circle of wrought iron chairs in a pebbled ring and perhaps even a little fire pit, depending on your neighborhood.

5) Disguise Utility With Beauty

Have a few utility details in your front yard? You can mask them with flowers, planters, or garden decor. Hide the plumbing access panel with a movable planter. Shield the AC exterior compressor with a little decorative fence that also protects it from foliage in the grate. If there’s an old stump, you can’t get rid of, consider building something charming like a birdhouse on top, or make it into a fairie stump with a little door, mini-garden, and a living roof.

6) Display House Numbers With Pride

Your house numbers play a surprisingly important role in curb appeal. Instead of relying on that faded paint at the end of your driveway, display your house numbers with pride. Paint them big on your mailbox, or get a new lit-number sign to hang on the front of your house. Make sure they can be seen day and night, either to attract buyers or just to make your pizzas and packages easier to deliver.

7) Paving Stones and Landscape Lighting

Finally, polish your springtime curb appeal with paving stone walkways and landscape lighting. Light the path with little solar-powered lanterns. Place landscape lighting to accentuate each tree or to shine up onto your house. Give your driveway runway lights, or hang lanterns from the porch roof. Each option adds a dash of charm and a little extra safety to your curb appeal and beckons visitors or buyers to come inside.

Welcoming Spring With Curb Appeal

Improving your springtime curb appeal is a wonderful way to welcome the new season and visitors to your beautiful home. For more great home improvement tips or for new home marketing expertise, contact us today.

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