Spruce Up Your Space: Tips for Updating Your Home For Summer

Woman opening the curtain in her window during the start of summer.


As the temperatures rise, you are ready to head outside to enjoy the changing season! You’ve put away your heavy jackets and said goodbye to your trusty sweaters. But before you jump with both feet into the summer season, have you thought about preparing your home for the warmer months ahead? Often, we forget how much our homes change to get us through those cold months. Now is the perfect time to take stock of what needs to be done to prepare your home for summer! So, where can you start? Here are some tips to update your home for the summer months!

Let in the Fresh Air and the Sunlight!

After being shut up for months, your home is ready to let some of the fresh air in! Many of your rooms have been closed off against the cold, and it is time to freshen them up with some outside air. Now is also the perfect time to change your drapes and curtains, so that as much natural light comes into your home as possible! Get rid of your heavy drapes and choose something that features a lighter material that filters in sunlight.

Clean & Repair Windows

You are going to want to scrub your windows at least once a year to ensure that you get off all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the winter months. You’ll also want to inspect your windows to ensure that no damage has occurred to them over the past year. Double-check all screens for wear and tear, and also test out opening each window to see if any of them need a little elbow grease.

Be More Environmentally Friendly

Double-check your windows and doors to ensure that they are still sealed off correctly! This will help save you money in the long run during those summer months because it will help keep the cool air in and the hot air out, stopping you from having to crank your AC to all-time highs 24/7.

Do a Quick Cleaning and Downsizing

When you spend hours inside, you collect knick-knacks and leave things lying around purely out of convenience. However, getting rid of clutter can give your home a fresh look. Start by cleaning off your counters and clearing out your drawers of all your unneeded items. This also a great time to stow away any extra blankets and throw pillows you may have brought out during the winter months to keep things cozy. You can even take this opportunity to treat yourself to some brighter colored decor to match the season!

Add Some Green to Your Living Spaces

Plants can really change the look of a room, and some of the prettiest blooms thrive in the summer months! Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry, there are plenty of easy-to-maintain plants that you could bring home to freshen up your space!

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Spaces

You are going to want to dig out your furniture and give it a good cleaning before welcoming over guests for those summer BBQs! This is also the perfect time to take stock of your landscaping and see how your grass is looking or what flowerbeds need touching up. Don’t forget to also look at the outside of your home itself. After months of rain and wind and frosty conditions, dirt can cling to the outer sides of your home. Consider giving the outside a quick power wash and it’ll be looking good as new!

Summer is practically at our doorstep! Now is the time to prepare yourself and your home for the warmer months ahead. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be staying ahead of the game and preparing yourself for an incredible summer season.

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